Kisane K2 Compact 2 Pocket Money Counter & Detector + Printer

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The K2 is Kisan’s new compact, high-speed two-pocket sorter, able to autodetect and process up to 7 currencies at once.

The unit’s all-in-one modular sensors provide remarkable accuracy and counterfeit detection while the large 1000 note hopper, 4.3″ touch screen, and intuitive user interface ensure easy navigation and smooth operation.

Designed for busy environments handling several currencies at once, the Kisan K2 is ideal for any business wanting to process their cash quickly and accurately.

  • Large 500 note capacity hopper, 200 note stacker and 50 note reject pocket.
  • Counts, authenticates and sorts banknotes by denomination, orientation, facing and fitness.
  • Speed: up to 1,200 notes/min in value counting, 1,000 notes/min in fitness sorting and serial number detection.
  • Smart Detection Module with UV, MG, IR and CIS sensors for remarkable accuracy each pass.
  • Able to connect to the Central Monitoring System and Cash Management Software.
  • All data collected by the K2 can be also saved on a USB stick and downloaded on any PC as a *text* file.


# of Pockets1+1
Hopper Capacity600
Stacker Capacity200
Reject Capacity50
Normal Count1000
Value Count1000
S/N Speed800
FunctionsValue Count | S/N
Multi Curr. Auto/Mix
S/N ReadingO
SensorCIS | UV | MG | IR | US
Connectivity/InterfaceSerial Port
Screen4.3″ Touch Display
(480 x 272 Pixels)
Options & Special FeaturesAuto/Mix Currency
Easy maintanace


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