Value Money counter UV / MG, MATRIX 10

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Money counter UV / mg, bill detector, Counting machine, bill counter, single-nominal semi-count

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Product description:Money counter, UV / mg detector, Counting machine, money counter, banknote counter

Selected single value for calculating the total monetary value

Application:With half-value counting and detection function, half-value counting is not for all currencies, just

For one type of money only, so please confirm with us before you place an order

Counting Speed:≥ 1050 pcs / min
Dimensions shown in the table, Note:50mm × 100mm / 80mm × 183mm
Thickness of banknotes:0.075-0.15 mm
Machine size:312 mm × 235 mm × 142 mm
Gross Weight:5 kg (1 pc.)
Net Weight:4.5 kg (1 pc.)
Color box size:320 mm × 288 mm × 205 mm (1 pc.)
Nutrition:DC 100-240 V, 50-60 Hz
Power consumption:≤ 70
Hopper Capacity:300 pcs
Stacker Capacity:200 pcs
Features:1. Counting half-value: The piggy bank uses the selected nominal value to calculate the total amount of bills

(After setting the denomination you want to count, each invoice quantity will be shown, and the total monetary value

(Note: if you want to calculate the value of the bills, you need to separate each bill first,

This function is for one type of currency, not all currencies at the same time, so please confirm with us

Before you place an order)

2. Automatic detection with UV (ultraviolet) and mg (magnetic), with counting (optional).
3.With LCD or LED display for choice
4.With “AUTO” and “MANUAL” function
5.With “DD” detection function
6. Double note detection <with IR detection system (infrared ray)>
7. Automatic start, stop and clean.
8.With dosage, additions and self-test functions
9. Automatic detection of half banknotes and chain notes.
Package list:1 PC. money counter
1 PC. fuse + 1 pc. rubber ring + 1 pc brush
1 PC. power cable (we can offer a plug according to your requirement)
1 PC. User manual (English version)
Certificate:CE, IEC, ROHS



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